THAT - 6th Birthday Challenge

When is this event: Ongoing

Where is this event: Various Locations

*** The Henry Allen Trust 6th Birthday Challenge ***

Team Henry celebrated our 6th birthday in April 2020. That's 6 years supporting children and their families battling childhood cancer.

Can you help us celebrate by completing a 6th Birthday challenge?

Here's some ideas to get you started:

- Run or walk 6km or 6 miles.
- Challenge your family to see who can do the most star jumps in 6 seconds.
- Binge watch 6 episodes of your favourite TV show.
- Try 6 new foods.
- Run up and down your street 6 times, challenge your family to see who is the fastest.

Or make up your own challenge and don't forget to share with us on our Facebook Page.

Once you have completed your challenge, donate £6 to The Henry Allen Trust and nominate 6 people to complete the challenge too.

Together we can and we will continue to support children and families battling childhood cancer.

Teamwork makes Henry's dream work!

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